Enterra Settlement Services is a professional, established limited liability company, educating and helping landowners nationwide. Our settlement services business model was conceived by a group of experienced, professional landmen from the public utilities, transportation, and energy sectors.

We assist landowner interests in everything from mineral leases and ROW easements to construction and damage settlements. Backed by some of the best rated law firms in the country, we successfully help our clients with easement agreements.  Facilitating significant increases in compensation to landowners from the companies desiring to utilize our client properties for their projects. We are not a law firm, but employ a team of licensed attorneys, therefore our fee is significantly less, saving our clients the additional expense.

We help with everything concerning land acquisition to eminent domain. Our professionals have more than 50 years of combined experience in right-of-way acquisition and negotiation across 30 states and guarantee our service. Once we are contracted by a client, our agreement provides a provision for non-performance, stating that if we do not at least double the amount of the company’s best offer (or a specified amount of compensation mutually agreed upon), that we would not be entitled to collect our fee, which is also negotiable depending on the specific project contracted (usually 15-20% of proceeds).

Legal representation, negotiation, advice, or document generation will be provided at our cost, not the client. This is also in writing.

Our professional staff can oversee the client’s project from the survey & acquisition phase through construction, and continue to oversee landowner interests throughout reclamation and remediation.  Should additional damages or encroachments occur at any point during our acquisition and construction period, our staff immediately notifies the company in order to secure additional compensation and to ensure the remediation efforts meet the client’s expectation and satisfaction.

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  • Land Leases
  • Right of Way Easements
  • Eminent Domain Projects
  • Mineral Ownership Cursory
  • Surface Land & Mineral Title 
  • Attorney Interface and Representation
  • Strategic Acqusition Plans
  • Pipeline Routing
  • Construction Supervision
  • Education Workshops
  • Town Hall Meetings
  • ROW Damage Settlements
  • Reclamation & Remediation

professional consultation services

"Enabling the landowner through professional land consultation services."​​