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"We are grateful that we had you represent us, as we believe we would have lost out big without your services."

Ross & Teresia S.

Grimes County, Texas

An Energy Company ROW agent in Ohio met with one of our landowners and offers $30 per lineal foot for a 2200 foot pipeline easement 50' wide across his farm property in Belmont County (Offer $66,000). Landowner refuses to sign the proposed Easement Agreement and allows Enterra to review the company's offer and help break down the confusing legal language in their contract, all free of charge. After review, our professional team determined that we could offer the landowner a guaranteed $100 per foot settlement from the Energy Company. They agreed to have Enterra work on their behalf. Within two weeks the Energy Company increased their offer to $100 per lineal foot. The total amount paid by Company was $220,000. Enterra's fee was only 18%, which netted the landowner $180,400. That's $114,400 more than the Company agent offered.


OUR CONSULTANTS HAVE BEEN EVERYWHERE – Oil & Gas Pipelines TO alternative energy land projects. 

Our professional staff can oversee the client’s project from the survey and acquisition phase through construction, and continue to represent landowner interests throughout reclamation and remediation.  Should additional damages or encroachments occur at any point during or after acquisition and construction periods, our staff immediately notifies the company in order to secure additional compensation and to ensure the remediation efforts meet the client’s expectation and satisfaction.



Enterra can oversee and monitor all construction activity on the client property to ensure compliance with predetermined provisions.


Enterra uses land surveys, landowner interviews, and company published data to determine service viability.


Once a landowner agrees to allow Enterra to work with them, there is no fee collected unless the agreed upon settlement is secured.


We identify the target projects based on landowner requests and our personal intimate knowledge and experience with the companies involved.

project PLANNING

"Enabling the landowner through professional land consultation services."​​